Mirena: In And Out, a know why?

The MIRENA In and OUT of my body: A personal journey…An experience I’d wish to share.

HORMONES in a woman’s body are like the armed forces of neighbouring countries! In times of balance, there’s peace and harmony but, even a slight imbalance leads to utter chaos; almost WAR!

After having gone through several tests including Ultra Sound, FNAC, and even MRI for a cyst/node like thing being painful in my left abdominal area, I was diagnosed with ‘Scar Endometriosis’ . For this I was advised to get MIRENA inserted by a leading gynaecologist at a renowned hospital. I keeping complete faith in the doctor and healthcare system, willingly got the procedure done.

FAULT#1: Inadequate research on my condition, MIRENA; the product and the extent of its side effects.

FAULT#2: Never went for a second opinion before the procedure

FAULT#3: Unfortunately, totally trusted the doctors and the healthcare facility. Ignored my Gut!

Was strictly asked to not visit the doc for ups and downs on bleeding, a bit of pain and more for 3 months, Though I was briefly, very casually informed by the doctor that my menstrual cycle would go haywire, might experience mild mood swings, a bit of weight gain etc . Little did I ever realise the intensity of those side effects, which is what makes me write this article to throw light on the darker side and help women take an informed decision; especially when it comes to getting something to be a part of their system.

MY STORY: From the day the MIRENA was inserted, I bled (sometimes spotted) for 45 days nonstop. Rest assured, my period cycle was all over the place!

This further lead to a huge outburst of acne, weight gain coupled with indigestion and nausea. All this to an extent was expected, but what was WORSE was the several bouts of “SEVERE DEPRESSION” that followed. Yes, For 2 months, an outgoing, extremely confident person like me was tattered into threads of depression, self-doubt and low self-esteem. Not to forget the fact that I would now be crying for no reason or every reason and the tears just didn’t stop.

That’s when I consulted another leading gyneac, who explained me that MIRENA, in my case was never needed in the first place! The scar endometriosis was on the abdominal wall and the effect of MIRENA was localised to the Uterus…All in all the only purpose it was serving was that of a ‘Contraceptive’!!!

Just that! for all that I was going through… I said to myself! There are a million other ways for contraception, then why must I go through the awful agony of depression, weight gain, acne, nausea, tear bouts etc.

Which is when (after about 3.5 months of Mirena insertion) I decided to get rid of it and let me and my body figure out a better way or rather a more informed way ahead.

Without much delay, I took an OPD consultation from yet another leading gyneac in yet another leading hospital. Here again, without even talking much about my concern, without once even seeing my reports, the doctor removed the MIRENA. Funny enough, with no case knowledge, I was yet again prescribed HORMONE tablets, and was told that might help….Help in what…the doc didn’t even know my problem! What I’m trying to highlight here is the ease with which doctors prescribe Hormones. Rest assured I never took those tablets to date and rightly so!

HOW I FEEL TODAY(in just about 10days from removal)! Awesome, happy, super confident and back to simply loving myself. All depression, acne, nausea etc vanished like an end of a horrible spell! A bit of weight gain is what am left with…Ah! But that would be managed real soon.


#1TRUST YOUR GUT: If something doesn’t feel right, rethink not twice but several times.

#2 DO EXHAUSTIVE RESEARCH: If anything has to be inserted in your body, be 200% sure of it. Research just does not mean google, It also means to TALK and reachout to doctors, people who have got it done real time…gather knowledge

#3 NEVER TRUST ONE OPINION COMPLETELY: A 2nd even 3rd opinion is vital. Don’t worry about information download/ confusion. Do your best to know about that foreign object that might soon be a part of you.

#4 HORMONES CAN PLAY HAVOC: No matter with however ease you’ve been prescribed those hormone tablets, pop them in only if you agree, of course backed with authentic and relevant information

#5 RELY AND TAKE HELP FROM FAMILY: never underestimate the power of the unconditional love that comes from FAMILY. They would help you through, stand by you… all you have to do is to keep them ‘verbally’ informed about your crisis… don’t leave anything to expectations and assumptions.

***DISCLAIMER: This article is solely an expression of my experience with MIRENA. It is not in any way intended to malign the product, doctors or healthcare organisations. Neither does it promote self-diagnosis, treatments etc. nor suggests to replace procedures and prescriptions. In no way does it intend to question the credibility of MIRENA, doctors and hospital. It’s simply an expression of my experience. Image source http://diaperchamp.com/getting-pregnant/infertility-and-trouble-conceiving/pregnancy-after-mirena/