DETOX post Festivities


6 simple and very practical steps to detox post festive binging!

1. DETOX THUMB RULE: “If it comes in a bag, box, can: SKIP IT” Such foods are loaded with preservatives that further toxify the system, completely say NO to processed and packaged foods.
2. HYDRATE more: don’t underestimate the power of warm liquids in flushing out toxins from the body:
(i) 2-3 litres of warm water a day
(ii) Consume fresh herb teas (no milk no sugar)
(iii) Include soup for supper
3. High FIBRE foods: Adding bulk to your diet leads to an effective elimination process. Include home cooked dalia (Porridge), Oats, millets etc. Of course, Fruits and veges are a usual must!
4. REFUSE SUGAR: Yes, a complete NO to sugar for the detox week. The past week of festivities has pumped the body with enough sugar, so a total NO this week is mandatory. Use organic substitutes like jiggery and dates.
5. DEVOUR CURD: Yes, packed with probiotics, curd lends essential bacteria to your gastronomical passage for better digestion. Ideally have a bowl of curd 10 mins before your meal.
6. SWEAT IT OUT: Yup! You gotta get yourself to move and sweat for at least 30 mins a day… YOGA is fab! As it not only moves the body but also lowers stress levels, which in turn is a Win-Win! alternatively put yourself on a 30 mins a day brisk walk challenge!

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