Health ‘N’ FITNESS

Health is defined as a state of complete mental, physical and social well-being; not merely the absence of illness or infirmity. Fitness is the ability to meet the demands of the environment.

We therefore strive to conduct activities and events to not only address but also ensure ‘Holistic Development’ in all aspects of health and fitness.


  • YOGA @ WORK: An effort to motivate the busy corporates  to practice during office breaks .The forum conducts workshops keeping in mind hectic corporate lifestyle without making it monotonous !
  • WOMEN’S CYBER SECURITY : Keeping  in mind  the threat of cyber security breach in present scenario ,training imparted to women enabling them to ward off the dangers of cyber thefts & harassment.
  • STRESS  MANAGEMENT: Yoga asana & breathing techniques taught in workshops to beat the work stress facilitating you to lead a stress-free life .
  • WELLNESS & NUTRITION: Nutrition guidelines shared based on the needs of clients along with physical activities for the overall wellbeing of the individual .
  • GROOMING & ETIQUETTE: Grooming & etiquette workshops conducted for the personality enhancement of the client making them more confident in their daily corporate lives.
  • CORPORATEWORKSHOPS/CONFERENCES/EVENTS: We conduct customized workshops ,conferences on fitness & nutrition and events like yogathon mixing fitness with fun !
  • JOG OF JOY: An energetic session on jogging! It involves having fun while spot and distance jog that’s leads to building a fitter you.
  • JOG-A-THON: A Theme based jog! Here we jog for the love of fitness and the joy of doing our bit to give back to the community. All proceeds are donated to charity.
  • WALK THE TALK: We mostly hear people talk about taking the first step towards fitness. This day we walk the talk towards building a healthier you!
  • WALK-A-THON: A Theme based walk! Here we walk for the love of fitness and the joy of doing our bit to give back to the community. All proceeds are donated to charity.
  • YOGA FOR YOU: Traditional Patanjali Yoga session suitable for all fitness levels and specially simplified for beginners, new moms and senior citizens.
  • EAT RIGHT, FEEL BRIGHT: Quick, easy to make and delicious heath recipes shared and prepared in a live demo session.
  • DRIVE THE DRIVE: This day we let the enthusiastic drive within us , drive to destination fitness (a nearby location, where we conduct various “fun-fit”activites)
  • THE BRAND YOU: A complete workshop on building/regaining self confidence. Notice the transition the “SELF” goes through post the session.
  • FABULOUS IS ME! : A fun workshop on grooming, body language and makeup. After all don’t we all want to put our best step forward!
  • H.F.F.H. (Hope. Faith. Fitness. Health): A real life journey of a common woman who paved her own way to a New, Fitter and Self confident “SHE”. A lady who travelled through the long stretched distance of being a Whooping 94kg to a Stunning 62kg!

…And many more!

***All the above mentioned activities and workshops can be customised for Corporates, Group meetings, Team building etc.***

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