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How many of us …Today, after marriage, after kids; find it “seemingly Impossible” to get back into shape, have a secured feeling of “Self” and have the “Carefree” fun that we once indulged in and enjoyed so much!

My guess is… while some of us still believe that it’s not the end of the road and getting back the Joy is Possible; “Most of Us” have resigned to the fact above, though strongly wanting things to change, yet not knowing the way forward, hence, going with the flow…

Well then, the good news for all of us is that bringing back all the joy to our life IS POSSIBLE and having gone through the entire journey myself, I can with confidence vouch for that! The Big Question Is HOW?

This very question forms the basis and led to the genesis of “The H.O.W Forum”

We’ve always wondered…


Dipika Trehan Founder, CEO The H.O.W. Forum
Dipika Trehan
The H.O.W. Forum

? To get back into shape post marriage and child birth

? To Gain back Self Confidence

? To maintain total Fitness (in terms of mind-body-soul)

? To Fight Stress and gain Stamina

? To Look and feel as Beautiful as before

? To regain a bit of Financial wellness

And Most Importantly

? To be a happier person and enjoy “Yourself”, given the fact that you are a Wife, a Mother, a Homemaker!

“Then, what is it that restricts us from achieving what we ALL So Strongly Desire?”

To NO surprise, it is WE ourselves who act as Hindrances to our accomplishments! And this we manage to do very effectively, simply by NOT placing ourselves on our very own “List of Priorities”. That’s what causes us and our aspirations to always be seated on the back seat in the Car of life.

The H.O.W Forum aims at transitioning you to reach out for the front seat and take charge of the wheel, for you to Drive yourself towards your own success! It is our genuine endeavor to enable women achieve holistic fitness. Fitness in terms of Physical (weight loss, stamina building etc.), Emotional (stress management, building self confidence etc.) and Financial (building the ability in women to take the first step towards financial wellness).

The H.O.W. forum focuses on “Making a WOMAN fall in love all over again; This time with HERSELF!”


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