Having been through phases that of a young girl to a fun adolescent, a working woman to a newlywed in foreign land (SA and Russia) , from being a homemaker on sabbatical to being a mom of two little angels and raising them abroad (independent of family support)… Life, at a fairly young age, seems to have made me walk through quite a spectrum of its various colours. Each time moving on from one shade to a more challenging other and so on…What’s been great is that, through each shade, my self-belief and determination made me overcome challenges with flying colours and move ahead. All this did make me go through many transitions, Transitions in terms of roles, more in terms of emotions but most in terms of Body! This is why a woman’s health and fitness is so close to my heart.


My pillar of strength!
My pillar of strength!

I started my journey at 63kgs as a pretty young adult. With odd office hours and not so good eating habits I moved on to being 67kgs when I first met my soulmate! Ratish and I met for the first time ever (3rd June 2003)…dated for exactly 2 days and decided that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, got engaged (15th June 2003) soon were husband and wife (21st June’2003)  and in a week’s time moved to South Africa (27th June 2003) That’s destiny! A Jet Speed Wedding indeed!!!

There, together we flourished making me reach 74kgs at the onset of my first pregnancy. When my little Angel, a gorgeous baby girl Dipra was born (July’2005), I weighed 87.5 kgs!

Time went by, Dipra was 6 months when we moved to Moscow, Russia. With a bit of cautious food intake and excercise, in about 2 years I got back to being 73kgs! Seems the Russian Winters helped me burn a lot of calories 😉

I was quite happy with myself, given the fact that one is pretuned to weight gain post marriage and pregnancy.
Just as I was enjoying this phase, my husband and I gifted ourselves the joy of our second pregnancy. And so me and my weight flourished yet again! This time from 73kgs at the onset to a whooping 94kgs just before delivery! Must confess that this time round it was an extremely complicated and life threatening pregnancy (a case of placenta previa stage 3). Thankfully the entire struggle awarded us with a healthy baby boy, the SONshine of our lives, Diraansh (Nov’2007).

collage_20141202201033530_20141202201609356In terms of family, with God’s grace all was well, but within me I was challenged yet again and I knew I had to do something about getting back into shape. At 92 kgs, a target of reaching even 73kgs was very very tough! Things ahead were’nt easy as I had to now bring up two kids in a foreign land, with harsh winters and a much travelling husband. But, I’ve always believed that “Never would the Lord give up on you, if You choose never to give up on yourself”. And, I stand as testimony to this quote.

Starting in Nov’2007 at 92 kgs to 87kgs in august 2009, then standing on the weighing scale and wondering would I ever get to see myself in the line of 70’s again. A swarm of emotions day in and day out, this was also the time when we relocated back to homeland but not hometown…Mumbai it was! Took some time to settle in… got kids and home settled and started going to the gym. With all the changes around, the only thing that just did not seem to change was my weight, hence even till early September 2010, my weight remained in 80’s. It was tough, each day wanting to give up…and then lifting my spirits up convincing myself not to give up.

I still remember the exact date; it was 24th September 2010 when the weighing scale showed me as 79.7kgs. It was a moment of triumph for me. I thought I had finally won over my battle with the 80’s.

This high didn’t last too long. A week later, with cautious eating and continued exercise, on 1st 0ctober when I happily stood on the scale, all excited… to my horror I saw the reading as 81.1kgs. I was shattered, my eyes poured and my soul drowned. After all the hardwork and dedication, I still was unable to achieve a very realistic goal of touching the late 70’s on the weighing scale. The drive back home was one of the most sorrowful 10mins I had spent with myself.

Though heartbroken, I decided not to give up. I was at the gym the very next day and started working out.2 months went by, but my weight hardly moved. I then left gymming in Jan’2011.

In march, I started with yoga. In the first month itself I lost 2.5kgs , that got me to see a wishful 78.2kgs. Now, there was no looking back. I continued yoga for close to 3 years, making me reach 72kgs in December 2012 and 68kgs by April 2013, I also took up an instructor’s course on Traditional Patanjali yoga and certified as a Yoga Instructor from a renowned institute in Mumbai. Weight wise my graph hit a plateau and even though I consistently was performing yoga, my weight remained at 67kgs for months. This was a very happy phase in my life. I had not only achieved my goal but exceeded my target by accomplishing a body weight of 67kgs.

Months passed, had to eventually give up my yoga classes as the timings clashed with kids school hours. Thiscollage_20140916134615166 made me switched to regular walks. In October 2013, a miracle happened, it was as if though I was “touched by Midas”. I started looking beautiful, more over started feeling beautiful and started loving myself.  With yoga gone and walks in, I also took up the game I loved playing in my childhood…Squash! and, today near the end of 2014, I stand tall, fit and beautiful at 62 kgs.

Oh! What a journey its been; from 94 to 62. Looking back, I get reassured that, “ No matter what, Nothing, absolutely Nothing is impossible for a determined heart”.

I believe, “Though the early years are that of a caterpillar, and just because circumstances build a cocoon around you…Does not mean you start believing that there isn’t a beautiful butterfly within you! Trust the Lord, Trust yourself ‘n’ you Will fly high someday…for sure!”

STORY BEHIND the Name of my forum: ‘H.O.W.’ 

collage_20141014214804581Miracles Happen! Especially when the genesis is that from an innocent child’s imagination! …. and Something similar happened behind coining the name of this Forum.

I have two kids, my daughter Dipra and my son Diraansh. Today(2014) they are 9.5yrs and 7yrs respectively. But, the story behind the name of this forum goes back to August 2009 when we had moved back to India from Moscow.

That was the time when Diraansh was trying his best to adapt to India! He watched on T.V the same what he watched there, but now the accent had changed. The same Mickey mouse sounded so different here but the visuals thankfully remained the same. In his earnest attempt to pronounce the indianised accent of ‘Mickey mouse the club house’ he said “THE HOW!”

Even more, that he started addressing Dipra as “DI KA HOW!” (which, we all found so cute that it continues to date! …and little did I ever imagine that one day it would lead me to write about, my version of The H.O.W.)

So when I spoke to my kids about this idea of creating a forum focussing on the Health Of Women; immediately they came out with the abbreviated form and said “Ma! Let this forum be called The H.O.W.” I was thrilled with joy and excitement on hearing this and the name coined by my kids really fascinated me!

Hence dear All, Here I Am, Pleased to announce the name of this forum that couldn’t be more special and God Gifted…

Presenting…The H.O.W. Forum!

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