Yoga at Work – Out of the box yoga: Yoga is no more synonymous to the mat.

  1. a) Quick fix: No – mat’ic yoga – 15-20 mins session at your work desk
  2. b) Screen saver yoga/Computer ergonomics and chair yoga/Comp body in sync yoga– correcting postures & yoga poses done while seated in a chair.
  3. c) Frequent flyer yoga program – *yoga in a box – a well curated box consisting of yoga band, travel pillow, nutritious snack (nuts), relaxing tea, instruction manual of the various yoga asanas, voice recorded meditation and music & earphones, pen drive & pain relief ointment. (in aircrafts, cars & conferences, airport lounges). Kit cost – 2.5k
  4. d) Get Well Soon/Therapeutic yoga – Exercises based on lifestyle diseases (thyroid, PCOD, stress and anxiety, diabetes, back pain, gastric problems). Pain & posture related issues – back pain, knee pain, migraine
  5. e) CXO Yoga – Highly specialized, result driven one on one yoga sessions for senior management.
  6. f) Traditional Yoga – 45 min sessions consisting of pranayama, postures, suryanamaskar, and relaxation.

Breaking Myths

  1. Yoga is a time-consuming process
  2. Yoga is for the aged
  3. Yoga requires space, mat, & fitness gear
  4. One must be extremely flexible to do yoga
  5. Yoga is mundane


Master class by Master chef: Nutritious cooking & food tasting workshop conducted at Master chef’s cooking studio by renowned chefs of India.

  1. Healthy cooking workshops at a Cooking Studio
  2. Yo-Native: Yoga + Nutritional cooking + Farm tour
  3. Count your calories: Nutritional counselling

Choice is yours: Stress Manages You OR You Manage Stress 

Various creative and innovative ideas combined with time tested stress management techniques resulting in happier and more productive employees.

  1. Meditation vs Medication: Relaxation, Mind strength, Mediation, Focus & Yogic nidra
  2. 3- D (Draw-Delve-De’stress): Stress Management through Art expressions conducted by expert artists
  3. Other creative & innovative ideas

H.O.W. Talks: Powerful & transformational talks conducted by Dipika Trehan 

  1. Motivation talks and self-upliftment
  2. Lifestyle coaching and Life beyond office hours – self-discipline, self-love, self- confidence, grooming, goal setting & discipline.

Fitness is fun! 

  1. Walkathons: Prep & Execution
  2. Fitness festivals & Road shows
  3. Awareness Drives
  4. We also organize fitness camps (Personalized health screening packages and doctor consultations)


  1. Corporate Diva: A unique 3-month program to coach and empower women at work to embrace senior leadership roles. The program comprises of:
  • Innovative thinking & though leadership
  • Presentation & public speaking skills
  • Corporate Grooming & etiquette training
  • Health, wellness & stress management
  • Conflict management & Resolution techniques
  • Self-confidence development & Enhancement
  • Team building activities
  • Shennovator sessions
  • Fun ‘n’ frolic and much more….

2.   Corporate Grooming & Life skills Workshops

3.   Leadership development & Team building programs


 An intense program on women’s safety, comprising of:

  • Self-defense techniques
  • Mental & Physical agility (psychology and physiology)
  • Situation based drills (public transport, elevators, cab, after party etc.)
  • Molestation/ Rape/ Assault defense
  • Self-defense in trains (sleeping position) and flights
  • Handling group attack

All of the above taught in a non-violet yet tactical manner.


A basic program on identifying and developing early stage entrepreneurs. The program would comprises of:

  • Basics of Entrepreneurship
  • Financial and business know how
  • Life skills and Self Development
  • Basics of legal formalities
  • Networking opportunities
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