Acidity and indigestion is something that a vast population suffers from. It could be a result of dietary habits, stress, irregular meal timings etc. Heartburn, regurgitation, acid reflux are the most common symptoms.

The few YOGA asana recommended are:

PAVANMUKTASANA: As the name suggests, this asana is performed to release wind from the body that causes air pockets and bloating.

Getting into the asana: Lie flat on your back. fold your knees and bring them as close to your chest as possible. Now slowly lift your upper body such that your head is placed in between the knees, your body rolls up into a ball shape. Keep breathing normally. Hold this posture for a few seconds and then gently release the asana..

VAJRASANA: A simple yet very powerful asana that aids digestion. It is recommended to practice this asana post meals and stay in the posture for a few minutes.

Getting into the asana: Sit erect on the floor with your knees folded, hips resting on your heels and back straight. Place your hands on your knees and hold the posture. The posture can be held from a few seconds to even upto a few minutes as per your comfort.

VEERBHADRASANA: Also known as the warrior pose, the veerbhadrasana stretches the entire body especially the torso, helping in strengthening stomach muscles and improving blood circulation.

Getting into asana: Stand with your legs as far apart as possible. Now turn your leg along with your body  to the right. Inhale, raise your arms on the sides and exhale to bend the right knee at 90 degrees angle. Inhale, bring your palms together, exhale and stretch back, lifting your left heel. Hold the posture for at least a count of 10. Slowly release the asana.

SHASHANKASANA: Often acidity is also a result of stress. Hence the shashankasana helps in de-stressing and calming the body with special emphasis on stomach and abdominal are.

Getting into the asana: Sit in Vajra asana. Slowly bend the upper body forward and down such that the forehead touches the ground and hands extended forward. Note: try to keep the hips as near to the heels as possible.

SEATED MARISCHYASANA: Marichyasana or the Sage’s pose is derived from the name of the sage Mariachi. It is a challenging seated twisting asana.

Getting into asana: Sit in dand asana with your back straight and legs extended forward. Fold the right knee over the left leg. support the back by resting the right hand as close to the hips as possible. Now fold the left elbow, over the right knee, keeping the palm straight.

SEATED TRIKONASANA: As the name suggests, this asana is a seated triangle posture that allows stretching for the entire body very efficiently.

Getting into asana: Sit with your back straight and legs extended as wide as possible and toes pointing to self. Inhale , lift your arms up, exhale bend forward and reach your right foot, as far down as possible. Would be superb if your forehead touches your knees. hold for a few seconds . Inhale rise and repeat the same for the other side.

FOLDED KNEE TWIST: This asana leads to twisting of stomach and abdominal area, hence activating the digestive organs for better performance.

Getting into asana: Lie flat on your back and extend your arms at shoulder level. Now fold your knees and without much lifting your upper body, twist on either sides such that the knees touch the ground on each side.


Suggested beneficial FOOD ingredients:



Fennel water


*Disclaimer: The asana suggested are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any medical condition or to replace your healthcare provider and/or do not constitute medical advice. The above information has been shared as a recommendation only. Please consult a physician before practicing the above and should be done under expert guidance.

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